Roses, Roses and more…

Rose Light by @NCTreesPhotography

Rose Light by @NCTreesPhotography

'The Unfolding' by @NCTreesPhotography

‘The Unfolding’ by @NCTreesPhotography

'Beautiful enough to Eat' by @NCTreesPhotography

‘Beautiful enough to Eat’ by @NCTreesPhotography

'Pair of Roses' by @NCTreesPhotography

‘Pair of Roses’ by @NCTreesPhotography

Once Upon a Saturday afternoon;

I rambled into a garden of Blooms;

Each one unique unto itself;

Each one beautiful like the rest…

6 thoughts on “Roses, Roses and more…

    • Many thanks Debbie! I’m working with a new camera…the settings are more ‘complicated’ than my old Cannon. Roses are one of my favorite flowers as well. I really like Peach Roses…however, the delicate Pink ones have drawn themselves to me this year.

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