Reflections of Winter’s Snow

It’s been quite a Winter for a good portion of the East Coast.

We had snow on the ground yesterday morning March 13th. Just a dusting, lots of Wind and the temperatures went from 70 on Tuesday to the 20’s this morning.

I enjoy the snowfall  as if I were in child in school, waiting for the snow to fall so we may have an unexpected day off … a true ‘Snow Day’. Nothing planned, no schedule to follow, only snow to play in. I still feel this way! I run outside .. look up at the snowflakes, hoping to catch a big flake in my mouth and just smile at the beauty of the white blanket that covers the earth. The day is before me, to do whatever I want. A gift. A break. A SNOW DAY!

Here’s a photograph or two of my backyard during the thick of the Winter’s snowfall.

February Snow Cover



Red Birdfeeder in Snow


February Snow Covered Branches


I hope you were able to enjoy the silence and beauty of the snow that surrounded you.

Many of my photographs are available for sale at Fine Art America:

Next… will be signs of Spring.

~ Anita

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