Summer is Here!

We’ve had some incredibly hot weather here in Western North Carolina – in the 90’s with humidity….and the occasional thunderstorms.

Life appears to be moving very fast for me and for most of those around me? A friend reminded me to take time for ‘small pauses’ – this is a great suggestion and with it I will attempt to take some time out for me to breathe, to remember all that I have to be grateful for – a loving husband, beautiful, healthy children, running water, food, a home, family, friends, employment, the gift of sight and sound, movement physically and inside my heart a God that is always, and forever present, even when I don’t have the strongest connection. I still Believe.

Here’s a photograph taken in my back yard a few weeks ago…of one of summer’s beautiful flowers… enjoy!

Amazing Sunflower by Anita Adams NC Trees Photography

Amazing Sunflower
by Anita Adams
NC Trees Photography

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