A New Year

As 2016 closed, and all that it brought with it was finally going to be left in the past – separate from the unknown of the 2017, –  I paused to look at back on what had transpired in my life, and what I was grateful for in 2016:

  • Love of a man named Steve
  • The guidance and support of a woman named Lorraine
  • The physical support of a woman named Emily
  • The healing support of a woman named Diana
  • The daily prayers and spiritual guidance of a woman name Katharina
  • The prayers of many who surrounded me while I endured breast cancer surgery
  • The support of those I work with
  • The many opportunities and trips we were able to make earlier in the year to the Outer Banks, Grandfather Mountain, Pawley’s Island and Charleston
  • A Writing and Support Group that kept me focused on what’s important
  • A 12 Step Program
  • The kindness of others
  • The creative expression that arose to create Gratitude Journals
  • Nature in all her many forms
  • The walks and hikes in the Western North Carolina Mountains and along the Seashore
  • The Trees that surround me and the beauty of Spring and Autumn
  • Music and a new favorite song by Nick Cave, Into My Arms
  • Healing of some family relationships
  • Gratitude of friends who have been there no matter what
  • Acceptance into a Writing Program – a dream come true awaits my in February
  • God who is ever with me guiding my thoughts, words and deeds

What awaits me in 2017…..

I don’t know, however, I will ask as I always do, to be guided, blessed and protected. To continue sharing seeds of kindness and gratitude, and praying that all of us on this planet will have the same. May you and yours be blessed in this New Year with good health and a joyful heart. And may miracles occur that bring us all together in love and unity one day at a time.

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