First Snowfall – December


Finally, the temperatures dropped and an amazing snow falls and blankets the ground. It’s 6 – 8″ deep and silent. The trees appear dressed up with layers of white cotton neatly covering each branch. Occasionally a red bird, Cardinal, will fly over to the red bird feeder to nibble on the sunflower seeds. The pond in the backyard has a waterfall and it is pumping water as the snow falls. It’s even more magical when this stream of water freezes. The goldfish living in the pond will appear frozen under the thin layer of ice and as they make their winter home among the decomposing leaves.

Snow days are a welcome respite from regular days. They are unplanned days. Anything can happen. From sledding, to writing, to rearranging rooms and drawers. Today, I enjoyed the view, rearranged rooms and wrote this memory with a few snaps.

May you enjoy your snow day!

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