Images of a Year Past

the hottest summer on record for the Appalachian mountains – 90’s in October with mosquitoes everafter

now, it’s New Year’s Eve, the temperatures hover in the 60’s – where’s the white of winter – and snow covered mountains

Spring was long and wet, then the heat of summer that lasted through the Fall into Winter

Hikes have been prevalent, for this I can’t complain

the small town we grew up in sought grows larger year after year – soon those mountains we love will be unable to see – with all the new hotels and apartments too expensive for most to achieve

Grateful for our home, a spot of earth to plant a garden, our trees and small fish pond, view of Appalachia

Grateful for hikes, trees and streams and happily everafters

Grateful for another breath and more than that, to the One who resides within, who loves me unconditionally and the one whose physically by my side

~ Anita Adams 12/31/2019

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