Earth Day – April 22nd 2020

April 22nd – Earth Day – Quarantined in the time of Cornoa VID 2020

Sounds like Star Date from Star Trek

No Planes are Flying – the Sky is CLEAR during the day and night – with more stars than I can ever remember seeing except on top of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Today we celebrate Earth Day – my observations of the Earth in my dot on the planet this morning appears lush green, with Cherry and Japanese Trees in full bloom

A few purple bearded Irises, along with periwinkle, phlox, Tulips, Mint, Rosemary and a back yard full of lush green grass – the sky is a deep, deep blue with occasional white puffy clouds

The rock walled pond with the remote waterfall flows over the moss and rocks to the pond below where 20+ goldfish swim happily along with three frogs  – and in the morning and evening, the birds will visit to take a bath or get something to drink and converse about their day

At work, a question was asked: What will the New Normal look Like? It’s a really good question, and after just a little thought, I believe some of these will be:

  • Face masks to be worn in close proximity places at all times
  • Hand over Heart with a look in the eyes instead of a Hand Shake will convey hello, well wishes or good bye
  • More gardens will be planted
  • Less travel and perhaps if we are fortunate enough, we will stop all unessential travel by any mode of transportation to keep the air and water clean for a period of one to two days per week that vary week to week
  • People will learn how to commune together in a peaceful way and pick up the art of art again- sewing, carpentry, farming, sharing, bartering
  • Less judgement – More community

It is my hope – my prayer, that all may be seen as One.

~ Anita Adams 4/22/2020

Signed - Magical Balsam Forest BPR


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