February 2021

Who’s turning three

grandson, Grayson River

Although I won’t be with you on your BIG day – I know you will feel my heart beat

we will see one another on a device that allows us to do so

a celebration will be felt and shared in our hearts

birthday song will be sung for those who care to hear the voice of a Situ and Poppa celebrating in the mountains while Grayson listens from somewhere else

soon I say to him, the virus will quietly retreat, and I will come to visit with Poppa Steve

celebrating with bubbles, collected stones and a variety of leaves

and an abundance of overdue hugs and kisses

walks to the woods, by the water we will have

reading and playing chase me around the room

Happy Birthday little one

Love, Situ and Poppa Steve xoxoxo

Grayson blowing kisses

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