Spring 2021 – Gratitude still exists…

Spring 2020 was quite different than Spring 2021, there were no planes, very little traffic by car, no trains or buses to speak of and the skies were robin egg blue. The earth grew quiet with a stillness that allowed one to hear the whispers of the Creator within and the Earth’s sigh as if to say It’s about time you remembered that I am here and need attention too.

Never have I been so tuned into GRATITUDE

I’ve had steady work, where others were losing their jobs, their businesses, their lives

Listening to the Birds’ songs in the morning was such a comfort and joy

A clear calendar meant there was time to create art instead of traveling to another appointment

Allowing my eyes to feast on the colors of the flowers and trees, grass and pond life

Plant a garden and eat my own organic spinach, mint, parsley, rosemary and zucchini

Life was no longer taken for granted – every day there was some thing else to notice and be truly grateful for

This Spring, we’ve undergone vaccinations against the COVID19 Virus

We will soon travel to see our grandsons, still taking precautions and wearing our masks, and our hikes are still precious and the birds’ songs still greet me in the morning hours with their lovely hellos…

Much to be grateful for

My parents











Stone Treasures


Clouds and Bumble Bees

With Gratitude as another day comes to a close . . .

Anita – April 2021

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