Looking out the window…

Seasons’ cycles Autumn approaches Leaves on the Cherry Tree turn shades of yellow and orange before dropping to the ground Birds chirp later in the morning and peer in the window as they consume the newly filled birdseed from the feeder Crepe Myrtle stand tall and proud as her crown is a brilliant, rich shade of pink The Sourwood tree is turning a blaze red before her leaves drop to the ground So much to be grateful for Remnants of Summer’s fragrance of Mint, Sage and Rosemary still present in the garden Orange Marigolds – a gift from my mother-in-law Betty, dot the banks and trim the garden area every Autumn – a cheery sight that makes one smile The evenings are becoming cooler – low 50’s, the high temperatures – highs in the 70’s So much to be grateful for A time of Thanksgiving for the rich foliage of a shade tree in Summer Brilliant colours of Autumn so much to be grateful for as I contemplate the cycle of the trees, I’m reminded that this is the cycle of all life – whether a tree, flower, bird, bee, butterfly, or my own life – all exists – a beginning and an end it’s a beautiful reminder to enjoy each moment, each day, exuberant moments and moments of rest, creative moments and moments of stillness after the Autumn, Winter follows, then Spring again with its flowers return to greet us once more ~ Anita Adams © 9/2021

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