Spring Deer and the Moon

Yesterday I saw the Deer twice – once in the middle of the day when walking around the Lake as they skirted through the woods

Later, in the evening as they crossed the road looking for a safe place to bed for the night

Grass so Green

Trees birthing new leaves in colors of green, red and yellow and an array of flowers

The bearded Irises are popping in deep purple with white bonnets, standing proud and tall

Bluebirds, Cardinals, Titmouse, Crows, Doves and Blue jays visit the pond in the backyard and bathe in the pond’s waterfall pool

The sounds are lovely to awake to and I never tire of them

Reminded am I of the sanctity of all life and my role to support its presence

Grateful for the backyard oasis and opportunity to plant some herbs – mint, rosemary, lavender, sage and thyme

Finding joy where I am

© Anita Adams 5/2023

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