Chasing Color and finding..

Light instead. A beautiful October morning at The Biltmore Estate. Here’s what I found: Some times we may not find what we’re looking for, we find something ‘lighter’. ~ Anita Adams 10/13

An Amazing Climbing Tree

My Favorite Climbing Tree Trees are so inviting On a beautiful September day Walking at Beaver Lake One rounds the corner to find this lovely Oak Tree with a Stone Bench for those unable to climb its branches who may wish to sit and listen to the sounds of the birds, the water flowing into […]

Art in Nature..

… Can be seen by its roots, the twists of its branches, the love it exudes to all around it … this Tree found by a Pond in the mountains of Western North Carolina … allows the light to flicker through  the rocks and foliage below … for the passersby to enjoy … it’s silently existing […]