Art, Photography and Expression

Photography, collage, writing, basket-weaving, clay have all been outlets of expression.

Art – Drawing – endlessly drawing with pencil, crayons, pens – trees, landscapes, people, flowers and more…

Photography – I began using a camera when I was very little – a Kodak Brownie. I still have this camera and some film? The film is very questionable at this point. I’ve never taken a formal class in photography. I asked a professional photographer last year for some time to assist me with all the bells and whistles on my Canon Powershot – we met for 30 minutes, this was supposed to be an hour appointment, however, the rain came along, and that was the end of my lesson.

Collage – give me a posterboard and some magazines or colored paper, leaves, glue, stones, and I will create something unique for you.

Journals – handmade or store bought – I have volumes – filled with poetry or just thoughts about the day, night, or whatever emotion may need to be expressed.

I’ve been focusing on my website via Fine Art America – and posting my photography there. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

May you find your passion for creativity in whatever outlet makes you smile. ~ Anita


'The Trail at Max Patch' by Anita Adams  of NC Trees Photography'

‘The Trail at Max Patch’ by Anita Adams
of NC Trees Photography’

2 thoughts on “Art, Photography and Expression

  1. It’s rare when I stumble on a blog and find a complete and interesting artist statement. Western North Carolina is one place I would love to visit with my camera. I look forward to seeing it through the eyes of a local.

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