Almost Christmas

This year has flown by faster than any other I can remember.

Do you know we had four months with Saturdays in them? This is very unusual. The months were, March, May, August and November. Thinking about this makes me feel that I should have gotten more organized, relaxed more, had more Saturdays for photography. However, I don’t feel this has been the result. Instead, I have felt that I am continually attempting to catch up, declutter, and make time for art, photography, writing and more creative projects.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Holy Season, time for reflection, memories that you can laugh out loud about, moments remembering the miracles that have happened along the way, and a true sense of wonder and awe at what you see, hear and feel… I will leave you with a beautiful early Winter photograph taken in Western North Carolina.


First Snow by Anita Adams 

Also, there is a wonderful video shown on TEDX by Louie Schwartzberg regarding Gratitude and amazing photography.

I hope you enjoy this:  Gratitude 

Happy 2015!

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