After the 4th

'Rain Circles and Lilly' by NC Trees Photography

‘Rain Circles and Lilly’
by NC Trees Photography

As summer is in full swing now, and the 4th of July has passed. The afternoon showers become a regular part of one’s day. As I finished some errands this morning starting at 7 am and home by 2 pm – I heard lots of people sharing about the weather, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s rainy – you need to have a sweater here or a rain jacket. Portions of the Western North Carolina area are Rain forests – like Highlands. It’s beautiful, lush, green and showers are a regular part of the Summer Season.

Whatever season you find yourself, the real challenge, just as in life, is to find contentment and balance with JOY as the cherry on top!

Wishing you all joy!

~ Anita

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