Late June, A Chance Meeting and Art


'Mountain Laurel' by NC Trees Photography

‘Mountain Laurel’
by NC Trees Photography

While enjoying a leisurely stroll the Biltmore Estate Gardens early Tuesday morning, I met two wonderful women visiting from different parts of North Carolina – Monique and let’s say, Violetta. Both of these women had beautiful spirits, smiles and a welcoming demeanor. I noticed they were attempting to take a ‘selfie’, and didn’t have a good grasp on this process. I stepped in and offered to take a photograph of them, and they were so appreciative.

After introductions and where are you from, and what do you do. I shared that I lived in Asheville and currently, I am photographing much of the area, and when time permits, I travel to other places to photograph the beauty of my environment. I offered a business card to Violetta, and Monique said ‘I want one too!’. After we spoke a little more, I shared with Monique that I create handmade cards and sell them in a nearby Gallery. She exclaimed that she, ‘would like to buy a few!’. I was very excited and moved by her quick decision, and affirmation of my art.

When I returned home, I snapped a few photographs, and sent them to her for her review and selection. She selected four cards for a wonderful woman, Ms. Eloise. Monique requested that I include an Artist statement and a short story about how we met and where. I packaged these cards up and we met the following day at one of my favorite places, the Basilica of St. Lawrence.

We hugged each other as if we were ‘old’ friends, and I believe we will remain in touch and become old friends now!

She looked at the cards, the note to Miss Eloise and we hugged each other again!

This meeting and the appreciation for my artwork means so much to me.

Reaching for the Light

I wanted to thank Monique for her gift of friendship and her appreciation of my art. I also requested that she let me know how Ms. Eloise enjoys her new note cards. She said she would

One never knows when some unexpected gift may cross your path. A chance meeting. A time to exchange hugs. An art admirer.

Very grateful today.

~ Anita

To purchase my art in all its forms, visit my website on Fine Art America at: 

Thank you!

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