May 5th

The rains have finally arrived after years of drought – the lawn is lush green with Irises popping up and out in shades of purple and white; The spinach is growing in the new mushroom compost along with the cherry tomatoes, mint, parsley and thyme; The pond’s waterfall is flowing ¬†along with our pet frog […]

Late June, A Chance Meeting and Art

While enjoying a leisurely stroll the Biltmore Estate Gardens early Tuesday morning, I met two wonderful women visiting from different parts of North Carolina – Monique and let’s say, Violetta. Both of these women had beautiful spirits, smiles and a welcoming demeanor. I noticed they were attempting to take a ‘selfie’, and didn’t have a […]

Almost June

These roses are in full bloom at the Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Asheville, North Carolina. They are exquisite in appearance and very fragrant. Roses mark the beginning of June for me. Also, honeysuckle is very heavily present right now, and reminds me of being a child and discovering this is the first flower I […]