Summer Blooms and Fairies

As she gazed upon her garden, Amelia noticed the light streaming in from all directions;

hiding behind the Pagoda was a Fairy glistening with fairy dust wings open wide, waiting to fly into the the summer breeze

Her eyes were bright, her colours were blue with turquoise eyes and translucent wings; she sat perched on a lotus leaf, waiting for just the right moment


She was magnificent!

The pond she visited this morning was bright with blooms and clouds were mirrored in the water as the wind gently blew them across the sky, above the trees

Lotus with Clouds passing by in a Pond

A beautiful way to begin Summer she thought… and off she flew into the daylight of Summer Solstice – June 20th this year!

The flowers she passed that day were brilliant and bold with color, like these…..

An array of Flowers – Hibiscus, Rose, and Peony

Finally she arrived at her cousins’ home – Arabella, who was waiting on this branch, looking for Amelia, and eager to begin visiting family and friends everywhere the summer breeze and blooms would carry them.


Happy Summer to All!

~ Anita Adams 2022

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