We had a Winter!

The Earth was nourished by Snow and Cold Rain and Trees were cleared of dead limbs ā€“ Nature took care of the Trees, Bulbs, Insects and Birds were cared for by the people!


Robins are out

Daffodils are blooming

Forsythia is making an appearance

Crocus too

TIME CHANGE has occurred

An hour more of daylight at the end of the day gives way to a nice sunset

How do you ENJOY and CELEBRATE Spring?

~ Anita Adams 3/2022

Daffodils after a delicious rain!

One thought on “EARLY SPRING

  1. Way out here in the wildlands of Weaverville, spring is coming on strong. The daffodils have come and gone, we have one lonely narcissus, and tulips are coming up as well. The trees across the road a turning green and the oaks are getting pink tips. It’s a great time to sit on the porch.

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