Family, Friends, Remembering and Gratitude

There are many thoughts which come to mind this morning especially after reading Where were you October 2nd, 1998?’ by Being Margaret.

This very intimate and personal reflection on one’s parents, death and memories gives me pause to reflect on my own life, and where I am today, October 2nd 2015.

I’m presently caring for elderly in-laws in their 90’s – two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Grateful for my husband, Steve as I support him emotionally during this period of his life. Having been laid off from my job in June, I’ve been working from home, and have endured two deaths in the month of August. One, a friend of 25 years, Barbara, my rock and confidant, who was the first person to call me ‘sister’; the other friend, my husband’s Aunt, a gem of a human being, kind, generous, funny with a heart of gold, Mary Adelaide, a true southern lady. It surprises me when I think of either of these women, and other friends of mine who have passed way too early in life, and wish I could call them and have a chat. Instead, I speak to them internally sometimes it sounds like I’m speaking to them aloud, sometimes with laughter, often with a plea for some guidance. Then, I remember what’s most important for this moment, and this day, to be grateful for those still around me, and I do my best to let them know what their lives mean to me and that I love them, and am very grateful for their friendship, truly.

So, with this I will close this dialogue of remembering those who have gone before me, and those who are in the process, and stop to make a call, write a note or send a message to let them know I love them!

Wishing you a grateful day!

~ Anita 2015

My favorite Family photo., circa 1966

My favorite Family of Origin photo, circa 1966.

In-laws Betty & Rusk Henry In their 90's

In-laws – Betty & Rusk Henry – In their 90’s

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