4th of July Celebrations

This year the 4th of July was just that – the 4th of July – what made this particular day  VERY special,  was an unplanned visit with my grandson Grayson, son Richard, and daughter-in-law Kelly drove up to the mountains from Raleigh .  My husband Steve and I celebrated with them in the evening by […]

Family, Friends, Remembering and Gratitude

There are many thoughts which come to mind this morning especially after reading ‘Where were you October 2nd, 1998?’ by Being Margaret. This very intimate and personal reflection on one’s parents, death and memories gives me pause to reflect on my own life, and where I am today, October 2nd 2015. I’m presently caring for […]

Bucket List Wish –

I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. This year was the year. I went with my daughter on a plane, a coach, a helicopter and a pontoon boat. As we flew 4,000′ into the West Rim of the Canyon by helicopter….tears began to form. It is majestic! Here’s a photo of the amazing view.