January 2016 ‘Building Blocks’

A new year.

A new opportunity for growth;

A new minute, hour, week, month, season to choose to express ‘Love’ over Fear; ‘Peace’ over Unrest; ‘Joy’ over Sadness.

I just read a dear friends newsletter for the end of 2015, entitled ‘Choose Joy’. I loved it! I must share that it’s been some years now that I have hoped this is the year that Joy will find me and stay with me. As I write this, I feel inclined to discover the word Joy and I’m sure, it’s not something one finds, it’s a state of being. I wonder if I’m right? Merriam-Webster’s simple definition of ‘Joy’ is:  “a feeling of great happiness”, and notated in the Fuller Definition of Joy: “a state of happiness or felicity”.Joyful Flowers by Anita Adams

When I think of Joy, I think of Peace first, Contentment next, then Joy!

Building Blocks.

Peace – a sense of calmness within

Contentment – a knowingness that all is well

Joy – a feeling of great happiness that allows my heart to smile from the inside out.

Wishing everyone a year of Peace, Contentment and Joy!

Love, Anita

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