A Dream

Last night I had a Dream….

It was my last day here on Earth.

You might think one would be frightened, but I wasn’t.

I was acutely aware of all of my senses., noticing the voices of those around me, the smells and aroma of the food lovingly prepared and placed on a large wooden table for myself and others to enjoy.

Visually, the architecture of the room I was in and those who meandered in were many, some I knew, and I assume I knew all of them, but, only a few stood out;

One was my daughter’s dearest friend from grade school, Anna and her older sister, Rachel. They approached me and gave me a bright pink card with something on the front of the card, and inside a very sweet letter and $98.

As I walked the length of the table and gazed at the people who were gathering – I turned to look out a long set of open windows at the sky, the mountains and the sunset. Just then, I realized this was the last sun set I would be seeing here, and it was lovely.

Sunset VI

‘Sunset VI’ by NC Trees Photography

This dream has evoked some questions about what and how I spend my current days, and I know, that any day could be my last one here – so, how do I want to spend it? How would you want to spend yours?

With Love and Gratitude to God and to those who manifest God’s spirit to me ~ Anita

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