National Poetry Month & National Arbor Day

Two of my favorite indulgences – Poetry and Trees, that said, let me tell you about a Tree that means so much to me. The Angel Oak Tree of South Carolina. The largest live oak in the Southeast.

On Sacred Ground


As one approaches her;

She whispers gently ‘slow down’, ‘You’re on Sacred Ground’;

Taking my hand, I gently stroke her branches and leaves;

Embracing her trunk and placing my ear on the bark of her trunk;

She whispers again, ‘You’re on Sacred Ground’;

Speechless am I, as I gaze up at her leaves, in awe of her size, her ability to survive; hurricanes, gale force winds, the weight of her limbs;

A prayer of Gratitude comes forth deep within, ‘Thank you for your presence, your beauty, your ability to persevere no matter what hardships may come, your love and tenderness are so evident by the quiet reverence I feel when in your presence.’

Love, me, an Older Oak, a Tree

©Anita Adams

Angel Oak Tree

One thought on “National Poetry Month & National Arbor Day

  1. I love this Anita. To open ones heart to nature completely. To express love and gratitude for something we take for granted. To embrace a tree… knowing that it is a glorious miracle. A precious life. A gift. I love your words. Thank you for sharing a message both beautiful and true.

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