Late May

It’s morning as usual, and the birds and bunnies are gathering outside;

They greet the day in their usual way.

The bunnies – by lower their heads, nibbling at the grass and clover, popping up to look around and see if there’s anything to be else to be found;

Full of lightness in their ‘hop’ ; off they go ‘hippety-hop’.

Birds – singing – take turn in the feeder – there are many species to choose from – the Cardinals, Wren, Catbirds and Blue Jays;

After their meal, they congregate in the waterfall above the pond to bathe.

Because we are in May, there are always new flowers blooming in the yard and in the pond. This morning, it’s Day Lilys and Pink Water Lilys.  Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention our frog – his name is ‘Eight Ball’ – another day, I will tell you how ‘Eight Ball’ got his name. He greets us every time we open our patio door. As if to ask ‘Where have you been my friend?’


A Morning in May

Where the bunnies gather, greet, eat and play;

Where the birds congregate to sing, eat and bathe;

Where the flowers bloom as the sun rises to meet the day;

And Eight-ball, well he croaks and says ‘What’s up Folks?’

~ ©Anita Adams 5/28/16

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