Kindness and Gratitude

The world is full of both.

When someone holds the door for me – how kind is this? This kindness immediately sparks gratitude in my heart.

A card arrives in the mail, flowers unexpectedly arrive on the door step, a call and someone wants to bring over a meal when I’m not 100% – so very kind are these, and again, gratitude bubbles up to a smile.

Sitting in church, a child is held by their mother or father and while looking all around, they turn and look at me and my eyes light up as we smile at one another – sheer joy! Followed by a very grateful heart!

Recently, I shared on FaceBook with regard to so much BAD news – that the way I process this information is to decide if this is something I need to hear, if so, I listen for a short time, then I decide whether I can do something about it? If I can, I do. Give to a cause. Write a letter. Share my heart here with those in need of hope, faith, love and gratitude. I do not subscribe to fear Future Events Assuming Reality. I subscribe to LOVE, FAITH & GRATITUDE to PRAYER and a knowingness that All is Well.

How can you show Kindness and Gratitude today?

©Anita Adams

Little Boy in Green at Water Fountain Charleston SC

Photograph taken a few weeks ago in Charleston SC of a beautiful boy playing in a public fountain! In the moment. Nothing but fun!


5 thoughts on “Kindness and Gratitude

  1. This is why I started my year-long kindness project – to hopefully bring a little more positivity into my surroundings.

    Little acts of kindness have always been able to transform my bad days into good days. It’s incredible how far a little bit of kindness can go.

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