August and Reflections on Gratitude

August Mornings & Evenings

The skies are dimmer

the days are shorter

Fall is around the corner

Make the most of each moment before the day is over. ©Anita Adams

Signed - Sunset at 101

Eager to enjoy each day to the fullest. Life is so fragile. Surgery has given me an awareness of this fragility.

A simple walk in the evening to look at the skies and notice the clouds brings me a smile.

Again, I turn my mind towards those things, persons, comforts and moments that fill my heart full of true gratitude. Yesterday it was air-conditioning; The company I work for -their understanding that I need more time to heal; My husband who patiently and lovingly is nurturing despite my persistent discomfort and growing impatience.

During my recovery, I picked up something to do that brought me true joy ~ creating Journals for others entitled Prayers of Gratitude from A to Z. Below is a sample of some of these:

Gratitude Journals

A look at the inside…

Prayers of Gratitude Introduction

More information to come. In the meantime, what’s your Gratitude List for today?

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