Reflections and Transition

Longing …. for the Atlantic and it’s sound of crashing waves calling come play

where one’s mind can rest to the rhythm of the the waves as they crash upon the shore

Longing ….for Zugpitze or Grandfather Mountains

where the wind blows fiercely and cold – singing a song of welcome – a song that soothes one’s soul

Autumn should be approaching, yet, no evidence of colors changing as temperatures this September have soared into the 90’s – for Appalachia – signals extreme global warming

one day at a time is all this one can live

looking back at blessings – some are these …

long summer days when riding a bicycle to a friend’s took all day and time stood still until the six o’clock hour

playing in the creek behind the cabin on Macon Avenue – finding treasures in the water – stones, diamonds and rubies

trips to the ocean – playing on the shore at the edge of the water – exploring each shell – searching for scallops, conchs and sea glass

drawing or writing – creating 3-D art with paper, glue, poster board and scissors

flying to Europa was easy and light – walking the cobblestone streets of Verona – the smell of Jasmine and freshly made cappuccino

dreaming big of adventures yet to come

Steve’s love and friendship

my children – Richard, Alicia and Grayson

life’s in transition  – its rhythm calls for respect

© Anita Adams 2019




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