Autumn Splendor

Summer gave way to Autumn slowly

first with the Dogwoods and Crape Myrtles

Sourwoods and Cherry Trees

Poplars and Beech

Japanese Maple Trees are holding onto their leaves of deep red giving it their last hoorah

The might Oaks and Yellow Maples too hold on with colors of Yellow and Orange

Many have shared they are are sad to see them leave

I, am so grateful for how long they have graced us with their brilliance

Also, I look forward to Spring and welcoming their new growth back as they begin another cycle of life

Trees amaze me again and again with their life

beginning with a seed

a root




and they grow slowly in adverse conditions for years before they reach the stage of Autumn splendor

take care of your trees

and my we enjoy another Autumn Splendor

~ Anita 11/5/2022

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