I love a Snow day

Winter is here or is it not

I haven’t seen the snow yet

The cold wave that rushed in at Christmas with temperatures at 0 and -13.8 in the high mountains we missed

The Winter Solstice has come and gone and we are now into January

Grateful am I to be able to dress warmly enough to enjoy a walk outside

to catch a glimpse of a clear night sky with twinkling stars and a bright moon overhead

Still, there is something missed about the stillness that lies in a freshly fallen snowy day or night

the awe and wonder of the quiet during and after a freshly fallen snow that gives one permission to

slow down,

play outdoors,

drink hot chocolate

bake cookies

do nothing or something else just for fun

I love a snow day

If one doesn’t arrive soon, perhaps I will designate a snow day and pretend it’s here – ah, but I know it really isn’t

so I must write about what it means to truly be astonished by magical beauty of the freshly fallen snow

Sledding, creating snow Angels, driving to a place where sledding down a big hill takes more than a few seconds, and walking back up the hill pulling the sled is the exercise of the day

I love a snow day

anything goes – pajamas on day three because the snow has melted and refrozen, no way to get out

a time for staying in – cooking stew – drawing – watching a movie – creating a collage or another piece of art

I love a snow day

©Anita Adams 2023

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